Gabriel Asian Arts started as a hobby. As we shared our art collection with family and friends when they visited our home, their positive comments encouraged us to extend this love of  Oriental and South East Asian art to a larger audience in the UK, and now Singapore.

We have deliberately chosen Oriental and South East Asian art because we feel that there is so much to experience, to learn and to share about the Asian art and culture.  Far from being homogenous, it is enriched with an enormous diversity of culture, language, tradition and religion that play not just an integral, but also an influential role in an artists’ compositions. 

In addition to making Asian art accessible, we also wanted to show that exquisite art which often ordains the walls of majestic hotels, museums and art galleries can be equally beautiful and appreciated in a home setting. The result is a home art gallery with contemporary original artworks from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam presented in the comfortable setting of our home.

We have put together an eclectic collection of the gallery’s paintings on our website at www.gabrielasianarts.com for your appreciation.  You are also welcome to view the paintings at our gallery by appointment and also follow us at www.facebook.com/gabrielasianarts for all of our updates.

Finally, we are grateful for the invaluable on-going support from family, friends, fellow art gallery owners and of course the artists themselves. It is our privilege to have met many well-established and promising artists who provided us with an insight to the inspiration behind each of their unique compositions. 

We hope that you will find something for your home to enjoy.